How to replace a Prius 2008 Rear view mirror

The following section covers the steps required to remove a broken Prius Mirror that was broken at a car washing place in St. Augustine.  SInce I was on vacation I had little recourse for a 80 buck part. 

In the photos you will see the forward/outer cover on the mirror.  This does not have to be removed, I did it because I wanted access for light. If you like that site a visit to the sponsors would be appreciated.

Failure Mode: During a hand only detail the electric buffer broke my mirror.

Special Equipment:  None

Removal Steps (Pump)

  1. Obtain the replacement part make sure it's the same and check rear for mounting method (see photos below).  A review of the photo shows the mirror fits into 2 groves at the top and snaps into place at 2 points on the bottom.

  2. Knowing how it goes into place you can remove the old mirror using a small screw driver. Note: I pushed in at the top of the mirror to get access to the bottom

  3. After the mirror is off in my case there were two wires connected to the damaged mirror.  Note: the wire color and location and remove. You can do it one wire at a time to be safe.

  4. Install the mirror fitting into the slots lifting up pushing in at the bottom and it snaps into place.

  5. Clean the mirror and you are ready to go.

Review the selected pictures:




I now avoid  any car wash places that has bubbles in it's name when I am south of Georgia. Remember  what you may read on the internet about rating may be less than accurate.