Ford F-250 6.7L By Pass Filter 


This section is in work and will describe the selection and installation of m y2016 F-250 6.7L by pass filter.

One of the features that came with my 50k+ F-250 diesel truck was he inability to check how much oil life was left on my pickup truck.  I did set up a Ford account, so I could talk through sync request a vehicle health report and have an email sent with my trucks status and I used this all the way up to when the service changed.  Being forced to set up another app and account my truck does not have a screen to display and icon so I can touch it to get the app connected.  My speculation is that I most likely need to update firmware on my sync system which is frankly silly and a stupid design feature.  My 2012 gasoline F-250 has a simple display which is what you would expect from a work truck.  Be that as it may and with a change oil soon indicator only which goes off with 5 percent left, I can’t schedule to change the oil myself.  The thought of going back and getting help from a worthless sales person I decided to choose another path.  Here we go:

Looking into extending oil life I discovered many things about oil and oil filtering.  First are solid dirt / soot physical particles in the engine oil.  Currently In order to have a high rate of flow filters capture around 25-micron particles and larger.  From my readings there are oil filters that will do better down to 2-Microns.  In order to have this level of filtering a fluid bypass system needs to be employed.  See the figure below:

It's interesting to note that using the configuration above over time the oil will have passed through both filters many times and the overall particles will have been filter to approximately 2-microns. Particles generated during combustion that are larger than 2-microns will eventually pass through both the 2-micron filter and the larger that 25-micron filter. Particles from 2-microns and larger will eventually trapped in the oil filters.
At this point we need to determine the solution that we desire. There are many types of solutions for the problem at hand, do you design a new solution or choose a system that is already out there? This is a simple answer buying off the shelf is the best answer. The design solution has already been performed and products are available.
The other choices are the type of filtering media and the type of filter. I use Motorcraft Full Synthetic Diesel Motor Oil 5W - 40. This being the case I chose an oil filter with a synthetic filtering element and a silicon bypass valve for the high-volume filter. The same holds true for the Bypass filter I used a synthetic filter element. 
AMSOIL has a bypass filter kit for the 2016 6.7L truck it is the BMK-28.


This section is in work. Ran out of time 04/17/19.