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John Deere 190c


John Deere 190c Engine for sale - Will cover the final tear down of a John Deere 190c.

The transmission in my 190c John Deere tractor failed.  In trying to find a replacement for the transmission and or rebuilding it I decided to replace the lawn mower entirely.  This page cover's the final breakdown and the fabrication a homemade engine holder adapter. This section is in work 02/02/18.

Technical and Maintenance features



Kubota RTV400Ci will  not start - This section will cover the testing of a Kubota RTV 400Ci that is not starting.

The RTV400Ci  would not start.  a bad batch of gasoline was placed into the tank. This section covers the repair.



Kubota RTV400Ci will not charge - This section will cover the testing of a Kubota RTV 400Ci that is not outputting voltage to the battery.

The RTV400Ci Shop Manual 9Y111-07103 is in and the steps to checkout the electrical system is in.  Having trouble locating the voltage regulator find it here.

Kubota Stator Resistance

Kubota Voltage Regulator information



Prius Rear View Mirror Replacement - What happens when you go to St. Augustine on vacation and have your Prius detailed?  You get a broken mirror.  Here's how I change mine it was on the passenger side

How to replace a Prius Rear View Mirror

End of the Farmall - What happens when a Truck meet a rear end of a Farmall C all of the parts are sold



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